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☆The Prince of Smiles☆

How can I help you?☆ :)

☆Silabus :)

The Story
Once upon a time, there lived an obviously green Blade Brandier named Silabus. A very feminine boy who loves to play online games and anything cute. One day, Silabus decided to go to check on the guild he is involved in, Canard. He bumped into a man named Sakisaka. At first, he thought they just met by accident but Silabus knew it was love at first sight. And little did he know that the other thought the same thing. As the two exchanged member addresses, they each got to know each other better. They also met each other in real life to see face to face. The boys finally admitted their feelings for each other and started dating, both being madly in love with the other. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into a year. On May 6th, Sakisaka finally had the guts to propose to his love. Silabus was more then happy to comply as the two got married a few months after the proposal. The happy couple decided to have two weddings, one in real life and one in 'The World'. Months have passed and the bond of their love still lives on to this day, getting stronger each minute.

Silabus is a very feminine and cute looking boy. Now that he is married, he has become more housewifey. He cooks, cleans, sews, knits, washes the dishes and even still has time to play his favorite game. He is always happy and ready to do anything. He's dedicated to Sakisaka and their marriage. He daydreams about Sakisaka all day long. He burns meals, spills things by doing so. When he looks into his husband's eyes, he finds himself lost. It is very rare to find Silabus sad and grumpy. His marriage and the power of love is always keeping a smile on this boy's face.

In real life, Silabus' name used to be Yuuichi Morino. Now that he's married it has changed to Yuuichi Sakamuki, taking the last name of his husband.

Husband :: ♥Sakisweetie♥

Believe in the Power of Love
♥Power of love♥

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